An important topic is making a lot of noise during discussions on our beautiful planet; water consumption. Canadians are recognized to be large, if not too large, consumer of water. Statistics show that close to 400 liters of water are used daily by Québec households, which is 40 % more than the Canadian average.

The fact that water is an easy and accessible resource in Québec means that people are not aware of their consumption. Many talk, but, unfortunately few act. Not only does our water use exceed the use of several provinces, but doubles when summer is upon us. Québecers spend nearly 75% of their summer consumption to water their lawn. Despite temperature fluctuation, the population does not vary their consumption and exaggerate even more during drought. Beside, a hose can spout up to 1000 liters of water an hour if not supervised.

Terrasse Deville proposes an option against the over use of potable water; the installation of synthetic lawn. In addition to reducing your annual water consumption, you save time and energy because of the easy maintenance of artificial turf. Of course, this solution requires no water consumption and very little maintenance.

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