The benefits of opting for synthetic turf.

It’s eco-friendly and safe.

To install an artificial grass surface will have several positive impacts for you and the environment. Not to be confused with the rubber pellet turf technology, the products installed by Terrasse Deville are ecological, recyclable and safe for children and animals.

With our turf, you will be able to reduce your ecological footprint by reducing the consumption of fertilizers, pesticides, water due to watering and greenhouse gas emissions caused by gas lawnmowers. The artificial turf mats are perforated, so the water will be evacuated quickly in case of rain or snow. With Terrasse Deville, you will opt for a durable, ecological, resistant and above all safe for all.

Save money with a solution without maintenance

Traditional turf also brings a lot of problems over time and you have to maintain it or pay a company to do it. With the installation of a synthetic lawn, you will never have to mow your lawn or do regular maintenance by watering it. Artificial turf requires no maintenance or watering and is green all year round.

No more weeds and white worms

White worms are one of the most destructive of lawns pests and most difficult to repel. Your lawn is invaded and destroyed to the root and disposing of it is very expensive. In addition to unsightly weeds, grubs are a problem to be avoided at all costs. A geotextile membrane between synthetic grass and compressed rock dust prevents the appearance of grass and roots, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Guaranteed 10 years

The installation of synthetic grass is a long-term investment. Guaranteed 10 years, our products will make your life easier. No more maintenance, weed treatments, reseeding, fertilization, etc. Enjoy your free time and your money!

Unique solutions without maintenance

Opt for synthetic grass and composite fencing

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