Promise of Quality

The Grass is Always Green

Our synthetic turf complies with the regulations established by the Ministry of Families (Qu├ębec) and is conceived to suit your needs. Our team makes sure to install products that are long lasting and recyclable. Your garden or your terrace will look its best at any time. Terrasse Deville offers a product recognized in the market for an affordable price. Have you had enough of wasting countless time watering your lawn, mowing, or trying to get rid of all the weeds invading your lawn? Then synthetic turf is for you!

A Solution to Your Frustrations

Synthetic turf will make your life easier. After having hundreds of customers satisfied with their experience, we can affirm that we hold THE solution in outdoor landscaping in both the residential and commercial sectors. You can enjoy more free time while benefiting from a maintenance-free and always green terrain.
Terrasse Deville has built a large network of faithful customers who will not hesitate to testify their satisfaction through future references regarding synthetic turf.

Promise of Quality

Terrasse Deville counts on a talented and efficient team that follows the highest standards in the domain of synthetic turf. Each member has been selected by the passion that drives them and their desire to offer exceptional quality of service and accuracy in the realization of client projects at all times. The teams, both in customer service and on construction sites, are composed of proficient members who will meet your expectations.

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