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Dream Series

A 25mm fiber, polyethylene monofilament with a beige thatch construction. Designed specifically for landscaping applications to improve natural appearance and durability.

Perfect for :

Daycare center



Roof Terrace


Recommended Use: Moderate to high traffic
Main Application: Landscaping
Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow
Recommended Maintenance: Rinse and brush as needed
Drainage Rate: 30+ inches of rain per hour per square meter

Technical feature


Type: PE monofilament with thatch
Composition / Structure: Polyethylene
Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow


Fiber / Face Weight: Approximately 40 ounces
Fiber Height: 25mm / 0.98in
Thatch color: Brown thatch

Grass Roll

Width: 6 ft
Length: 50 ft
Overall Product Weight: 120 lbs
Roll Diameter: 24 ”


Type: Quality filling
Weight: 1.5-2.5 lbs per square foot
Height: Approx 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch
Colors: Green, Black or Natural