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Performance, strength and endurance are terms commonly used in the sports world. They are also terms that define the types of synthetic turf that should be installed in sports complexes, fitness centers, and indoor or outdoor sports fields. The synthetic turf technologies used by Terrasse Deville have been developed and designed for the various uses that arise from them. Synthetic turf provides a host of advantages for owners, athletes and maintenance crews.

Adapted to
Every Sport

It is imperative to choose a superior quality fiber for every sport. To do so, we offer V and W shaped fibers to provide strength and resistance against the continuous trampling of sports teams.

Safe Sports Fields

Synthetic turf surfaces ensure safety for users and optimize sports performance. Indeed, they absorb physical shocks and reduce the risk of injury. The artificial turf provides traction needed for the practice of sports requiring special surfaces, such as CrossFit for example.

Which Type of Synthetic Turf Is Best for My Sports Field?

To enhance resistance and durability, we recommend choosing a synthetic turf with a length between 38 mm and 44 mm in order to keep the fiber straight for many years. We also recommend a light brushing of the surface to optimize the material.


Our priority is efficiency. Our team of specialists will determine which products are the most appropriate to ensure the quality, strength and durability of your landscaping project, based on your lifestyle, your tastes and the desired results.

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