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General questions

Since 2013, Terrasse Deville has been the leader in the installation of maintenance-free products such as synthetic turf, composite fencing and composite decking. Our mission is to offer you peace of mind from the beginning of your project by listening to your needs and responding to all your requests. More than 5000 customers have trusted us, will you be the next one?

We provide our services in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

The prices of our products are all listed online. For turnkey services, simply request a quote via our website and/or call us directly.

Our services include the installation of synthetic turf, composite wood fencing and composite wood decking.

The warranty of a product differs according to its range.

Terrasse Deville stands out by virtue of its expertise and the impressive variety of its products, which meet all the needs and tastes of its customers.

Our installation services are certified by a training program for each of our employees and are 100% guaranteed.

Synthetic Turf

All of our synthetic turf products are equipped with a drainage system that allows water to pass through at a rate of 30L/hour per square foot.

Our pet friendly synthetic turf products have a unique dual drainage system that removes urine.

All our products are LEAD FREE certified. They contain no chemicals or heavy metals and are therefore 100% safe.

Our equipment can vary from a simple mower to heavier equipment such as a tractor/loader depending on access and the size of the project.

Yes, because our installation method allows the wood to breathe and not degrade over time.

The 10-year warranty includes alteration caused by UV rays and visible defects reported during installation.

Although it is 99% maintenance free, an annual brushing of the synthetic grass can be beneficial to maintain its appearance. We offer this service to all our customers.

Our synthetic turf products are designed annually with strict quality control, allowing you to spread your installation project over several months or even years.

The most common differences are fibre height, density, shape, underside coating and the drainage system.

Yes, our anchoring process allows the synthetic turf to resist wind and weather.

Synthetic grass is resistant to chlorinated water from your pool. The chlorine in granules or liquid used to maintain the cleanliness of your pool may damage the grass if it is in direct contact with it.

For several years, the toxicity of certain synthetic products has been the subject of controversy. However, this toxicity concerns ONLY the infill products (small black rubber balls from recycled tires) that we find in sports facilities. None of our synthetic turf products use this type of filler, because our goal is to offer products that are 100% safe for everyone.