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In order to operate a daycare center, it is necessary to ensure that the premises are safe, adequate and ready to welcome children of all ages. All modules, play areas, accesses to the yard, materials and toys must be inspected so that nothing is left to chance. Terrasse Deville offers synthetic turf for recreational areas in daycare centers that meet the requirements of the Ministère de la famille.

Safe For Our Children

Synthetic turf is strongly recommended to ensure additional safety during outdoor activities with your little ones. Meeting North American standards as well as those of the Ministère de la Famille, the synthetic turf products offered by Terrasse Deville are adapted and designed for a variety of recreational areas. Softer and more flexible than natural grass, synthetic turf minimizes the risk of injuries and eliminates the risk of infections related to the presence of dirt and mud.

Colored Synthetic Turf for Recreational Areas

In addition to being nice to the touch, Terrace Deville’s synthetic turf brings life to your daycare’s decor with its bright colors. Are you looking to liven up your recreational areas? Our vast choice of colors and materials will meet your needs and differentiate you from others.

Which Type of Synthetic Turf Is Best for a Daycare Center?

The synthetic turf models offered on the market are mostly intended for residential use. However, in order to make an informed choice, it is necessary to think carefully about a few questions. First, are you single or not, are the kids still at home playing on the court or just around the pool? Do you have pets that go outside? Secondly, are you looking for a natural or artificial aesthetic? In summary, there are two aspects to consider: the first is the practical use according to your lifestyle and the second is the look.


Our priority is efficiency. Our team of specialists will determine which products are the most appropriate to ensure the quality, sturdiness and durability of your landscaping project according to your lifestyle, your tastes and the desired results.

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